Female Sterilization from inside the Costa Rica, 1940 to 2020

Female Sterilization from inside the Costa Rica, 1940 to 2020

Sterilization is actually tremendously common occurrence to female around the globe, and is also the most prevalent contraceptive habit worldwide. Costa Rica, where accessibility contraceptives is generalized, is among those individuals regions worldwide on higher prevalence of feminine sterilization. In Costa Rica, feminine sterilization is actually homogeneously marketed, frequent among women residing in single Give women for marriage rural and urban areas, in addition to one of those regarding varied academic membership. Compared to exactly what you can anticipate because of the history of abusive birth control practices in the Latin The united states, new “problem” away from sterilization in the Costa Rica has been framed of the women and you may doctors exactly the same never as this new “need” getting curbing their use but rather just like the an excellent “struggle” having expanding accessibility if you’re able to. Amazingly, most recent pricing of sterilization had been hit throughout the absence of a proper program offering sterilization to own contraception intentions and also in the newest context out of a very limiting courtroom structure for the supply. It wasn’t until July 1999 you to sterilization getting birth control motives is actually explicitly regulated and you can let. Before you to definitely 12 months, it absolutely was only thus-named therapeutic sterilization that has been legally acceptance. Sterilization is said to be offered simply for health grounds. Significantly, straight actions implied correctly so you can expand access to which businesses in this the official healthcare program were realized owing to regulation officially restricting their provision. This sometimes counterintuitive reputation for the brand new provision and you may control out-of sterilization inside Costa Rica is actually reviewed.


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Female sterilization is one of commonplace contraception habit worldwide. For the 2013 , 19 percent of women old 15 to help you forty two, hitched or perhaps in relationship international, had been through sterilization. one in 2015 , female sterilization accounted for 30 percent of the birth prevention use certainly married or in commitment female aged fifteen in order to forty two from the world. dos Even though sterilization to have birth control purposes is actually tremendously familiar occurrence to help you female globally, its play with is high within the development nations, especially in Latin The united states as well as the Caribbean. step 3 Of many places worldwide, including the ones from development regions, have observed significant abuses out of sterilization. Brand new irreversible character associated with operations helps it be “ideal” to possess controlling reproduction, and you may women, much less seem to, dudes, in the nations including Peru, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, the united states, Canada, India, and you will Slovenia was basically sterilized up against its tend to, have been coerced to just accept sterilization, or was misinformed in the their irreversible profile from the term from eugenics, population handle, and you may social wellness, among most other causes. 4

Costa Rica is one of those people nations all over the world into the highest frequency out-of female sterilization, having 25.5 per cent of women (hitched or cohabiting) between your age 15 and you can forty two sterilized for the 2015 . 5 Situated in Central America, apparently bad when it comes to GDP for every single capita and you can quick into the dimensions and you may populace, Costa Rica is well known towards high quality of traditions of its society, which is the consequence of a big personal investment that already been in 1940s. six In Costa Rica, individuals have on average 8.seven years of authoritative studies, which have 57.8 % which have went to high-school and better degrees of education, together with people has also an effective socialized program away from medicine which covers 95 per cent away from people. 7 Women have seen access to contraceptives as the late 1960s; contraceptives are mostly available with the official in various variations. 8 Right now, 77.8 percent of your own ladies in partnership of reproductive decades create usage of contraceptives. nine Inside Costa Rica, sterilization was homogeneously delivered, common amongst feminine living in outlying and you will urban zones, in accordance with varied studies account. ten The great majority away from sterilizations have been considering from the public healthcare facilities in place of personal establishments, which have 95 per cent of the many women that in 1999 said being sterilized that have been through the fresh new businesses in the public safety healthcare facilities. 11

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